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Yarn coiled over fiber core,  pine needles bound with imitation sinew,
 and iris leaves bound with waxed linen, with plaited start Anasazi coiled baskets, and other information about Anasazi.

A Treasury of California Baskets , produced by Tree Of Peace Productions, is a video being offered for sale. There are also some lovely photos of Native American baskets on the ad page

Basket care, collection, appraisal information offered by Len Wood's Indian Territory

Basket Cases in the Uinta Mountains analysis and detail of basketry design and construction compiled by Ashley National Forest.

Basketry Heritage of Red Bays Exerpt of student project by Donna King, Summer 1996.

Beargrass used for many baskets, here is an article about it!

Chokwe Baskets: Cultural Continuity in Exile.(basket weaving culture of the Chokwe) from Angola.

Crafts Report has published an article on the rise of Collecting of Fiber and Metals

Dat So La Lee, purported to be "the most famous basketmaker in the world", is featured in this article provided by V.I. Reed and Cane.

Dat-So-La-Lee , another brief biography of this basketmaker, often called "The Best". Another article about Dat-So-La-Lee from the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Entwined with Life an amazing exhibition of Native American Basketry, including more than 500 works of all different techniques, but of course including coiling. Play the basketry identification game!

Extension Service Promoted Women's Home Industry Through Craft Activityby Erin Kellen. History. an article from Alabama Center for Traditional Culture

From Africa to South Carolina - The Sea Grass Basket Tradition.

Guidelines for Gathering: Collecting 101, by basketmaker and teacher Kay Harradine! Learn how and what to gather from nature for basketry use.

Hopi Basketry Techniques
Hopi Basket History
Hopi Basketry Presentation for a college class.. includes history, uses, methods of weaving, shows old tools, and includes a bibliography.

Native American Arts, Artifacts, and Archaeology narrative with some basket photo links, including coiled info.

Native American Coil Basketry an article presented by Tara Prindle of Native Tech.

National Park Service description of Native American Basketry

National Park Service
Historic Information

Native American Style Coiled basket, Flying Geese, by Toni Best Navajo ceremonial baskets: description, old baskets, Navajo chants, references.

North American Shed Hunters Association , a club for people who find naturally shed antlers, has a listing of agencies by state , which will help you determine if you can legally possess or sell antler baskets in your state.

Pine Tree Key for those of you gathering in the San Gabriel is a good way to determine what sort of pine needles you have! Thanks, Kendra, this is a great reference!

Pine Needle Options by Peg Arnoldussen. Descriptions of various pine trees and where they occur, with input from lots of different coilers.

Pine Needle Basketmaking in North Carolina, USA a poster from an ethnobotany conference, prepared by James E. Mickle Department of Botany, North Carolina State University. Thanks very much for permission to duplicate this poster.

Pomo Indians Basket history, stories from weavers, historic photos, and detailed descriptions of materials. Pomo feather baskets are completely covered with feathers, which are inserted as the basket is coiled, and one is as small as a thimble.

Paiute mini horsehair basket from the collection of Pamela Zimmerman Jesse Peter Museum Pomo Coiled basketry . Part of the Santa Rosa Junior College, this is an introduction to Pomo coiled basketry.

Pomo Indian Basket on display by Australian Museum.

Preparing baleen for baskets . Mary Jane Litchard (Inupiaq Indian), describes in detail how she harvests and prepares baleen for coiling into baskets.

Sanger Depot Museum's Indian Basket room, describes the Yokut basketry of Central California. Yokut Indians were known for a variety of styles, including coiled trays, and cooking baskets.

Shapes and uses of California Basketry .


Information and History About the Sweetgrass Basket

How It All Began, Sweetgrass basket Naking in the South.

Restoring Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass: History, Basketry, and Constraints to Industry Growth

Tahono O'odham basketry description of basketry.

O'odham Coiled Basketry

Tree if you need to identify a tree, here's your site!

Native American basket with snake design by Toni Best

Utility Baskets for Traditional Daily Life describes the daily uses of many baskets by Native Amercian tribes, such as Havasupi and Apache.

background by Greg Norton, used by permission.

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