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"Baskets are made by hands like mine, but only God can make a pine."

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Carolyn Harbour, Sewing Box with Chatelaine Carolyn Harbour, Chatelaine


The name "Chatelaine" is French, and literally translates as "Lady of the Castle" (or "Chateau." ) Chatelaines existed during Roman times, being worn by both men and women. Pockets in garments were non-existent. Necessary personal items were held on chains that fell from an ornate plate or medallion that chipped to the wasitband of a garment.

Sewing chatelaines usually contained a thimble bucket or case, sandwich type pin cushion, scissors case or sheath, needle and bodkin case and a tape measure. This information is contained in Thimbles & Sewing Implements, by Estelle Zalkin.

Carolyn Harbour, Delph Blue Chatelaine & Chatelaine Box

Sweet grass chatelaines were made by the American Indians for the tourist trade in the 30's and 40's.

I know of no other person who makes chatelaines (but would like to if there are others out there). Above is the teneriffe woven butterfly on each piece backed with green velveteen. The box (above right) has a pocket in the lid for needles and packets of thread. The box holds the chatelaine.

I have worked on the new chatelaine at the left for a couple of years. It features Delph (white and blue Holland scene of windmills) and it is finally finished! The chatelaine pieces are an emery, pin disk, scissors sheath, thimble bucket and tape measure. They are made of old pieces of Delph jewelry and the basket center is ceramic tile.

Carolyn Harbour, Baby Carriage

Baby Carriage

Carolyn Harbour, Pedestal Flower Basket

Pedestal Flower Basket

Carolyn Harbour, Double Heart Basket

Double Heart Basket

Carolyn Harbour, Little Brown Jug

"Little Brown Jug"

Carolyn Harbour, Give a Hoot

"Give a Hoot"

Carolyn Harbour, Basket with wooden trim

Basket with wooden trim

Carolyn Harbour Sewing Basket

Sewing basket with
popcorn stitch rim

Carolyn Harbour, Delph Trimmed Basket

Delph Trimmed Basket

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